Aaron Unknown #1

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Aaron Unknown #1

Post by aaronunknown112 on Fri Sep 08, 2017 6:55 pm

1. Account Name:Aaron Unknown

2. List your account link:http://plazmaburst2.com/?a=&s=7&ac=Aaron%20Unknown

3. How did you find out about [USF]:i saw alot of usf clan members in games

4. Were you recruited by someone, If so, state their username:Dukemaddoxx

5. Why do you wish to join [USF]: i want to be a part of a good clan

6. How experienced are you in Plazma Burst 2? Explain why you feel this way or how this can be proved:well i only played for 1 year and a half, but i am pretty good at non approved maps. i mean to prove it you can see me play? xD
7. Describe your personality in 3 adjective words:positive kind and fun Very Happy

8. How many Kills do you have: 27 Very Happy

9. How many deaths do you have:38 Sad

10. Do you have any Player Points or Predicted Player Points? If so state them:none

11. Any Level Developer Points? If so state them:none

12. Latest and Overall K/D ratio:0.71 :DDD

13. (This answer should be more than 3 sentences.) Give THREE reasons why we should accept you:Il be helping in clan duties.Im a decent player. And, finally il always be an active member and participating in clan related things.

14. What will you do to benefit the clan:i will be active and help in clan activities.

15. What are your Skills/Playing styles:my skills are mostly in rockets and swords and im pretty aggressive

16. Ever been in a clan? If so, list them:ive been in a clan called vermillion.

17. Explain why did you leave these clans:the clan died pretty quickly xD

18. How often will you be online in our discord chat and in-game:daily Smile

19. How long have you played Plazma Burst 2:1 year and a half

20. Any alternative accounts you have on Plazma Burst 2:i have an account called vegito Smile

21. Do you wish to be apart of the United Special Forces Army, Navy or Airforce:Airforce

22. Have you been in USF before? If so, why did you leave:nope

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Re: Aaron Unknown #1

Post by Crimson on Fri Sep 08, 2017 7:30 pm

Decent application. How comes your profile has the tag for the USF Airforce, when you haven't been accepted yet? Were you told by someone to put it in your name? Also, link that second account if possible.

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Re: Aaron Unknown #1

Post by 119Warrior on Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:02 pm

This application is of a decent quality.

As long as you answer my colleague's questions, and any others that the others may pose, I would have no issue if you were to be accepted into the United Special Forces.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need(s)."

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Re: Aaron Unknown #1

Post by Tejas Sony Mevada on Thu Sep 28, 2017 8:20 am

No reply for so many days. Application Voided. Topic Locked.
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Re: Aaron Unknown #1

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