Application Codes

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Application Codes

Post by iLightNOOB on January 9th 2018, 7:57 am

Yellow: Questioning phase. New Applicant.
Cyan: Voting Phase, Applicant has completed the Questioning phase. Applicant is waiting to receive + votes and - votes.
Green: Accepted. This applicant has passed.
Blue: Voided. This applicant does not fit the requirements to join, or is not valid.
Red: Denied. This applicant has been rejected.
Indigo: This applicant has been banned from applying/joining.
Orange: This applicant's application has been veto-ed by an administrator, they would either be accepted or denied after this outcome.

An applicant can only apply every 3 days. An applicant can only get an unlimited amount of chances. (Life-time)
An applicant can only join/rejoin this clan ONCE after the applicant first initialized acceptance. Twice for special individuals, but they must report to me myself.
Any plagiarism results in the applicant being BANNED for life. I love you

An application can be voided for the following: not answering the given questions, stalling, crude behavior, illegal activity, going off topic, or lastly if their last message exceeds the total of 3 days without responding.

I have came a long way, experienced hardships and all of the above.
I had dreams and hopes of doing the unexpected.
I cannot abide by the majority, but I will act on my own.
For my own choice, has brought me here today.

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