Dead Frontier 1 Example Application

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Dead Frontier 1 Example Application

Post by iLightNOOB on Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:00 am

Please note that plagiarism of this example will result in an application being immediately denied.

1. Account Name: StereotypicalBrit

2. Provide a link to your Dead Frontier Profile page:

3. How did you find out about [USF]:
I encountered a USF member named Tejas21 while traveling around Fort Pastor, and after we looted a bit, I was curious about the United Special Forces - so I questioned him extensively on it.

4. Were you recruited by someone? If so, state their username:
Yes, I was recruited by Tejas21.

5. Why do you wish to join [USF]:
Judging from the members that I’ve met, you all seem to be a competent and mature lot (and very decent people as well), and I’ve served with various clans in the past, so I’m just wishing to return to that type of environment and collaborate with others to improve the general quality of a gaming community such as this.

6. Which styles of gameplay do you primarily focus on (PvE/PvP, looting/grinding, etc.):
I engage in PvE - looting, grinding, and boss-hunting - but am strongly opposed to PvP combat, as I believe it is unnecessary, detrimental, and foolish.

7. Which outpost do you prefer/tend to operate at:
I currently prefer to operate at Secronom Bunker, but will travel back and forth between Fort Pastor and Secronom Bunker, if necessary.

8. Describe your personality using 3 adjectives: Intellectual, Egalitarian, and Disciplined.

9. (This answer should be more than 3 sentences.) Provide THREE reasons why you believe that USF should accept you:

9.1. I believe that my experience in Dead Frontier can be of great use to the USF as they continue their operations in that game, and I would be willing to assist you all in your other games as well, in the near-future (once I get a gaming PC) and I think you will find that I am also skilled in many other games, besides Dead Frontier.

9.2. Due to my extensive experience in dealing with other clans and the fact that I am currently majoring in International Relations (and am in my second collegial semester), I believe that I could help improve the efficiency and quality of how USF functions from a bureaucratic standpoint as I not only have past experience, but knowledge of how these sort of systems function as well - and that will only increase as time passes.

9.3. I have already met a few members of your organisation, and formed good working relationships with many of them. Seeing how decent the majority of people in USF are, it only encourages me to work to better this group because I want it to improve not only for my own sake, but for theirs, as well.

10. How can you specifically benefit the colony, and USF's operations on Dead Frontier:
I would be happy to not only assist USF personnel with looting, grinding, and boss-hunting, but would also be willing to financially contribute to the colony's goals and donate money/equipment to members who need it.

Additionally, I would be able to help with recruiting efforts, as well as give USF a positive reputation in the Dead Frontier community.

11. Have you ever been in a Dead Frontier clan? If so, list them:
No, I have not.

12. (Answer only if question #11 was answered affirmatively) Explain, in detail, why you decided to leave these clans:

13. How often will you be online/available in our Discord server and in-game:
I will be consistent about being in Discord for a bare minimum of 2 hours each day, but I can vastly adjust this time depending on my duties and what the circumstances are in the chat (whether someone requires assistance or etc.).

You can expect an average of around 10 hours of activity each day, and I usually will offer/prefer to take the night shift (20:00-6:00 EST) as I do not sleep much at night. Concerning in-game activity, virtually any time that I am present in Discord, I would be able to go on Dead Frontier, if necessary.

14. How long have you played Dead Frontier?:
Approximately 7 years, and I have evidence to support playing for at least 5 years.

15. If the colony required you to donate a portion of your wealth, in order to fund clan creation or equipment allocation, would you be opposed to that? If so, why:
No, I would not be opposed to that.

16. Would you be willing to assist new players (or those less experienced than yourself) financially and in-game:
Yes, certainly.

17. Do you have any alternative accounts on Dead Frontier? If so, please provide their Dead Frontier Profile page/s:

18. Would you potentially be interested in participating in any of the other games that USF focuses on:
Yes, certainly.

19. Do you wish to be apart of the United Special Forces Army, Navy, or Air Force:
The Army.

20. Have you been a member of USF, in the past? If so, why did you leave:
No, I have not been a member of USF, in the past.
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