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Re: hamzie2k #1

Post by - on Fri Feb 16, 2018 6:31 pm

First of all, your Latest and Overall K/D ratio can't be advanced marine, which is your rank in PB2.

Second, your Question #13's answer must have 3 sentences or more, as required. Please edit your answer to this question.

Third, at Question #15, we need you to be more specific, if you are good in snipers, shotguns or whatever weapon you are skilled in.

Fourth, you did not answer the Question #21 correctly. You need to choose between the Army Faction, the Navy Faction or the Airforce Faction. There is some informations about them:

Army: This is the foundation of USF. Being the first faction ever created, making USF uniquely what it is today. Hosting members who favor fast-paced action, speed, and automatic weapons as their choice of strategy.

Navy: The second faction that was created, the navy faction was to serve intentionally as our "elite faction., which is why the Navy is the smallest. Hosting rangers, longshots, members who favor stealth, tactics, and good strategy in games.

Airforce: The airforce became the recent faction of USF. The airforce is home to our members who focus on speed and agility, wearing down the enemy, and using support to help our members, while devestating our enemies. This is our medium-sized faction.
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Re: hamzie2k #1

Post by iLightNOOB on Fri Feb 16, 2018 6:35 pm

Applicant banned, topic locked.

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Re: hamzie2k #1

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