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Post by Worst Playa on Tue May 29, 2018 12:52 pm

1. Account Name:

2. List your account link:http://plazmaburst2.com/?a=&s=7&ac=Worst%20Playa&id=1639006

3. How did you find out about [USF]:I've seen a lot of players being name USF and I found out that I need to join the USF by going on to a website

4. Were you recruited by someone, If so, state their username:[USF-Army]Pvt. DukeMaddox

5. Why do you wish to join [USF]: Because it looks like a very cool clan

6. How experienced are you in Plazma Burst 2? Explain why you feel this way or how this can be proved:I am little bit experienced, I was experienced but I forgot everything because I didn't play for a long time

7. Describe your personality using 3 adjectives:Angry, Sad, Sarcastic

8. How many kills do you have: 1

9. How many deaths do you have:2

10. Do you have any Player Points or Predicted Player Points? If so state them:50

11. Any Level Developer Points? If so state them:No Developer Points

12. Latest and Overall K/D Ratio:80 Kills and 20 Deaths

13. (This answer should be at least 3 sentences.) Give THREE reasons why we should accept you:Because I want to join the USF, it looks very cool and I like it

14. What will you do to benefit the clan:I will play as best as I can

15. What are your Skills/Playing Styles:Normal

16. Ever been in a clan? If so, list them:Never

17. Explain why you had left these clans if you were in any:I was never in a clan

18. Do you have Discord? If so, list your Discord name and ID #: JakšaMapper ID:JakšaMapper9617

19. Are you in our Discord server? Also, how often will you be online (daily) in our server and in-game:Sundays, and yes I am in a Discord server

20. How long have you played Plazma Burst 2:since April, 2011

21. Do you have any alternative accounts on Plazma Burst 2? If so, list them and the link(s) to the profile(s):I don't have any alternative accounts

22. Do you wish to be apart of the United Special Forces Army, Navy or Airforce:No, I don't

23. Have you been in [USF] before? If so, why did you leave:I've never been in USF or any clan
Worst Playa
Worst Playa
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Post by diamonder on Thu May 31, 2018 8:26 pm

This is a bad application to me.
A bunch of things you need to fix:

Question 1: No account name listed, fix.

Question 8: I believe the minimum kill requirement is 100 kills.

Question 12: I'm confused, do you mean your KDR is 80K/40D? If so, how come you said you have 1 kill on question 8? If that is not what you mean, clarify and fix, and if it is what you mean, explain why your answers differ between the questions, and also fix the question to have your KDR.

Question 13: That is only 1 sentence, and it is a weak reason, in my opinion.

Question 15: The definition of "Normal" varies. Explain. You should include playing styles (e.g. selfboosting, or assault rifles, etc.).

Question 19: You said you are in a discord server. Is that server the USF server?

Question 22: You have to pick between Army, Air Force, and Navy. Information is on our discord server.

I do not have any more to say.

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Worst Playa #1 Empty Re: Worst Playa #1

Post by Crimson on Fri Jun 01, 2018 5:52 am

Your application is very vague; please fix the issues outlined by Diamonder. In addition, according to your profile, you only have 0.04 PPP. Where did you get 50 from?

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Worst Playa #1 Empty Re: Worst Playa #1

Post by CSB on Sat Jun 02, 2018 10:49 am

Application Voided. Not fulfilling what others have asked for you to do to validate your Application. You may re-apply in 3 days if you wish to try again.

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Worst Playa #1 Empty Re: Worst Playa #1

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