Roles of Admins & Mods

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Roles of Admins & Mods

Post by iLightNOOB on Sat May 13, 2017 10:29 am

Alright! I'll keep this simple.

Administrators: They are the best way to get your application viewed, and they have full power over what they want to do to your application. They can deny it, void it, and accept it, ban you from our forums, even veto what someone has declared your application! They are allowed to stop the Questioning Phase, and allowed to start the Voting Phase, at any time wanted.

Moderators: In this case, minor administrators. They are helpers to the administrators, they can accept, deny or void and application. They cannot ban you from applying. They can not veto what was already done to your application. They cannot start the Voting Phase unless the required time has passed, they cannot stop the Questioning Phase unless the required time has passed.

Trial Moderators: They are moderators in the making. Though they cannot do much. They can only vouch for you to get accepted or denied, and state their opinion. It is wise to get their influence to further increase your chance of getting accepted. Trial Moderators are allowed to vote after 1 month of service on the forum. They are allowed to vote to accept or deny your application during the Voting Phase. Nothing else.

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