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Evan7499 #1

Post by Evan7499 on Sat Sep 22, 2018 4:48 pm

1. Account Name: Evan7499

2. Provide a link to your Dead Frontier Profile page: http://www.dfprofiler.com/profile/view/11597884

3. How did you find out about [USF]: I saw a recruitment message on the DF1 channel in the DF2 Official Discord

4. Were you recruited by someone? If so, state their username: 119Warrior

5. Why do you wish to join [USF]: To find like-minded people to have fun playing the game with.

6. Which styles of gameplay do you primarily focus on (PvE/PvP, looting/grinding, etc.): This answer truly depends upon my mood. I usually loot, unless I decide to do some leveling up, in which case I go full grinder. As for PvE/PvP preference, I only PvE.

7. Which outpost do you prefer/tend to operate at: I operate anywhere between Nastya's, Dogg's, P13 and Fort Pastor. I make trips to a new outpost every few days, just depending on how I feel at the time.

8. Describe your personality using 3 adjectives: Humorous, Outgoing, Helpful

9. (This answer should be more than 3 sentences.) Provide THREE reasons why you believe that USF should accept you: USF shares many beliefs that I tend to agree with. The make or (almost) break P2W aspects of DF1 are quite outrageous at best. Many other beliefs such as equality and fairness also hit close to home with me. I believe myself to be quite a helpful person, whether it be simply going out and helping someone with a quest to helping financially in-game with something. I also consider myself fairly fun to be around.

10. How can you specifically benefit the colony, and USF's operations on Dead Frontier: As stated above, I think the overall helpfulness that I could provide, along with assistance and other things, would help benefit the colony greatly.

11. Have you ever been in a clan? If so, list them: No.

12. (Answer only if question #11 was answered affirmatively) Explain, in detail, why you decided to leave these clans:

13. How often will you be online/available in our Discord server and in-game: I can be available most days during the evening, and most weekends all day. (For the record, I am US CST time)

14. How long have you played Dead Frontier: Hard question. On and off since 2009. However, my account from that time has been lost. And no really serious dedication to the game until 2017.

15. If the colony required you to donate a portion of your wealth, in order to fund clan creation or equipment allocation, would you be opposed to that? If so, why: Again, the answer to this question depends. If it is a decent proportion of my current wealth, I would have no issues. But if you ask for say, half of what I have, that would be a bit much. I am aware that your asking of donations is effected by current wealth. I just wish to let it be known that if huge portions are asked, I may decline.

16. Would you be willing to assist new players (or those less experienced than yourself) financially and in-game: Of course! I always enjoy helping new players in any way possible. It's refreshing.

17. Do you have any alternative accounts on Dead Frontier? If so, please provide their Dead Frontier Profile page(s): I do not have any alternative accounts as of right now. I have considered making a farmer so that may change if permissions are granted.

18. Would you potentially be interested in participating in any of the other games that USF focuses on: I'll have to check into the games themselves. I haven't been invested into any of them though, so no for the time being.

19. Out of the following, which faction would you like to be apart of? The United Special Forces Army, Navy or Airforce: Airforce.
20. Have you been a member of USF, in the past? If so, why did you leave: No.

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Re: Evan7499 #1

Post by 119Warrior on Sat Sep 22, 2018 5:42 pm

This application is of an excellent quality.

I have no questions for the applicant.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need(s)."

- Karl Marx
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Re: Evan7499 #1

Post by Königlich Spartanisch on Sun Sep 30, 2018 12:25 pm

Application Voided

Applicant has left the server, the applicant is only allowed to re-apply once he/she has rejoined the server.

"Loyalität dient am besten."

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Königlich Spartanisch
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Re: Evan7499 #1

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