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Sweazy #1

Post by Sweazy on Wed Oct 04, 2017 10:52 am

1. Account Name: Sweazy

2. List your account link: http://plazmaburst2.com/?a=&s=7&ac=Sweazy&id=1677100

3. How did you find out about [USF]: I met Angel in-game.

4. Were you recruited by someone, If so, state their username: Angel super killer

5. Why do you wish to join [USF]: I'd like to join USF because I am pretty new to this game and it seems like you're all active. Furthermore I'd love to play in a community which can handle rather unexperiended people like me, than in a clan that only accepts skill-based.

6. How experienced are you in Plazma Burst 2? Explain why you feel this way or how this can be proved: I'm playing this game for about 2 months now, I created my account after loitering around as a guest, investigating the overall, so to say.  I haven't had much of social experience too, since I locked myself out from other players, disabled the chat and my profile messages aswell. But I can say I'm a decent sniper, you be the judge.

7. Describe your personality in 3 adjective words: Calm, Determined, Mature.

8. How many Kills do you have: 236

9. How many deaths do you have: 191  

10. Do you have any Player Points or Predicted Player Points? If so state them: No

11. Any Level Developer Points? If so state them: No

12. Latest and Overall K/D ratio: Overall: 1.24 and latest: 1.09

13. (This answer should be more than 3 sentences.) Give THREE reasons why we should accept you: You should accept me because I am a really calm dude to play with, I have experience in webdesign and hosting events and leading a group, meaning me being comfortable with carriying alot of responsibilities. Webdesign includes Graphic design, music production, Video editing, coding etc. I learn quick and I am always eager to reach my goals.

14. What will you do to benefit the clan: As stated above, I am able to host events, do media-related things. I have alot of freetime currently so I'll be playing alot of PB2 with the members. I'll serve as a good representant of USF by my personality.

15. What are your Skills/Playing styles: Eventhough it is certainly too early for me to describe, I'd say I'm outplaying my enemy by predicting his/her actions.

16. Ever been in a clan? If so, list them: No

17. Explain why did you leave these clans: -/-

18. How often will you be online in our discord chat and in-game: between 2-24 hours a day for both.

19. How long have you played Plazma Burst 2: 2 months

20. Any alternative accounts you have on Plazma Burst 2: none

21. Do you wish to be apart of the United Special Forces Army, Navy or Airforce: The army.

22. Have you been in USF before? If so, why did you leave: no
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